Company Overview

​Tolmai Pty Limited (Tolmai) is a dynamic, business-oriented Information technology company focused on applying innovative engineering techniques, technology and collective experience. This is to ensure growing successful and sustainable business by achieving and maintaining competitive edge.

Established in 2013 by Bernard Mathias and Edley Mathias. The firm is proud of its highly skilled, professional, well-seasoned and experienced personnel. We offer specialised expertise in Telecommunication sector as diverse as provisioning, fulfilment, billing, channel management and workforce management. We integrate business flows and processes not for the sole and unique sake of automation, but to provide business value by improving delivery effectiveness in the value-chain.

We operate within the southern African region as we believe that we have a very good understanding of the regional context, the market dynamics, the economic conditions, the maturity of the industry and the business challenges. Our strategy is to ensure sustainable return on investment by helping our customer to excel by improving operational performance, achieve final objectives, and delivering high-quality and cost-effective solution.

Our deep industry knowledge, both internationally and in the region, provides us with a good understanding of industry trends and evolution, business challenges and applicable technologies, and most importantly enabling us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

We recognize that our client wants solution built around their unique needs and therefore the services we provide are:

  • ​Business analysis assessment and reviews
  • System Integration projects
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • ESB Expertise
  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Architecture

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