Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a new generation innovative product that integrates enterprise architecture, business architecture requirements management, solution architecture, data architecture with software design, delivery, testing and ongoing maintenance for massively complex information systems. Even Gartner does not have a category for this type of product!

A yearly winner of Jolt and multiple SD Times Awards with an installed base of 350,000+ licenses, supported by 230 Global VAR partners in 160 countries.

From requirements to implementation and beyond, Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect is a fully featured tool suite that lets you model, design, simulate, prototype, build, test, manage and trace from vision to solution.

Enterprise Architect has a long and proven track record in a wide range of industries across more than 160 countries. For 15 years it has been continually developed, enhanced and refined to meet the emerging needs of programmers, business analysts, enterprise architects, testers, project managers, designers and others.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is based on globally accepted open standards and proven best-practice, Enterprise Architect can comfortably scale from small single user models to large team based repositories and even to globally distributed Cloud based solutions.